What is a Die-In?

A Die-In is just what it sounds like – a group of people lying down in protest, pretending to be dead. Die-ins are meant to trigger feelings of grief and shock, emotions that people—and, most often, those on social media—tend to want to experience alongside others when it comes to disturbing national news. They have been used by many activist organizations to protest things such as wars, health issues (e.g., AIDS). While hard to trace the origins, it is believed that die-ins go back at least as far as the civil rights movements and maybe much further.

Our first activism event was the big Die-In in Washington, DC, on October 13, 2015. We have had a D.C. Die-in every year since.

The deepest pocket in breast cancer research, by far, is the federal government. We want to get their attention and shift priorities so that more of that money goes to metastatic disease. We need to hold them accountable for increased research.

The federal government isn’t the only target in our sites. The National Institution of Health (NIH) and The National Cancer Institue (NCI) are responsible for research and clinical trials. They need to hear our voices & see our faces. Metastatic disease needs more of their time and attention.  WE deserve more of their time and attention. 

Courtesy of ACT UP, the AIDS Activist Group, we have provided information here for you to review to help plan your participation in our events.