Accommodations the week of October 8

Looking for a place to stay for the week of October 8?

If you cannot find an affordable place to stay during the week of the Stampede, Die-in, and Beth’s East Coast celebration of ife, please contact Marissa Goldsmith. She will try to make accomodations in her home. Note, that may mean an air mattress on the living room floor.

Note: Marissa’s house is not exactly conveniently located near the events (with the exception of the celebration). And the Washington Metro system can be iffy at off-peak times, especially on the blue line. But there are several options:

  • If you’re willing to leave at 7:00am and come home around 4:00pm, Marissa’s husband can take you in on his way to work. He works around Capitol Hill.
  • There is a rush hour bus 3 blocks from the house that will take you to the Pentagon. From the Pentagon, it’s a pretty easy Metro ride into town.
  • The house is about two miles from the Sprinfield Metro. If Marissa is around, she can give lifts to and from
  • Uber’s abound in this area. An Uber ride to downtown can run $35-$55, depending on time of day. But you can do things like take an Uber to the Springfield metro
  • .

  • If you have your car, you can always drive into DC. You should expect to pay $20-$30 for parking. You might get lucky and find street parking, but it’s only good for 2 hours.

We’re at SABCS!

If you’re at SABCS, we’ve put together a list of sessions of interest to Metastatic Patients.

December 5

  • Methods in BC clinical research 11am-12:45pm. Stars at night 3&4
  • Methods in BC clinical research 12:45pm-2:15pm. Stars at night 3&4
  • multilevel influences on BC disparities 12:45-2:15pm. Stars at night 1&2
  • Androgen, Progesterone and Glucocorticoid Receptors: Drivers of Breast Tumor Progression or Reprogramming of Steroid Receptors During Breast Tumor Progression 4:30pm-6:00pm. Stars at night 3&4.
  • CTCs and liquid biopsy 4:30pm-6:00pm.. Stars at night 1&2

December 6

  • Sacituzumab govitecan (IMMU-132), an anti-Trop-2-SN-38 antibody-drug conjugate, as ≥3rd-line therapeutic option for patients with relapsed/refractory metastatic triple-negative breast cancer (mTNBC): efficacy results11am-12pm. Hall 3
  • ABCF/AACR class12-1:15pm. Room 221
  • DIRECT ACTION outside Komen award lecture1:45pm-2:15pm. Hall 3
  • Komen lecturesThe Development of Synthetic Lethal Treatments for Cancer Alan Ashworth, PhD, FRS;Molecular Diversity of Human Breast Cancer: Biologic and Therapeutic Implications Dennis J. Slamon, MD, PhD 2:15-3:15pm. Hall 3
  • results from MONALESSA7 4-5pm. Hall 3

December 7

  • Spotlight on endocrine resistance 7:00am – 9:00am. Stars at night 3&4
  • spotlight on novel drugs for HER2+ 7:00am – 9:00am. Stars at night 1&2
  • GS3-06. Long-term follow-up of CALGB 40502/NCCTG N063H (Alliance): A randomized phase III trial of weekly paclitaxel (P) compared to weekly nanoparticle albumin bound nab-Paclitaxel (NP) or ixabepilone (IX) +/- bevacizumab as first-line therapy for locally recurrent or metastatic breast cancer 10:45am-11:00am. Hall 3
  • GS3-07. Genome-wide copy number analysis of chemotherapy-resistant metastatic triple-negative breast cancer from cell-free DNA 11:00amam-11:15am. Hall 3
  • Spotlight on endocrine therapy 5-7pm. Stars at night 1&2.
  • Spotlight on immune oncology 5-7pm. Stars at night 3&4.
  • Genentech advocacy briefing 7:30pm-9:00pm. Biga on the Banks: 203 S St Mary’s St, San Antonio, TX 78205, United States
  • immunomedics/cascadian HER2CLIMB 7:30pm-8:30pm. Marriott Plaza San Antonio: 555 S Alamo St, San Antonio, TX 78205, United States

December 8

  • Spotlight on Landscape of Mutations in MBC 7:00am – 9:00am. Stars at night 3&4
  • Spotlight on male bc (& other topics) 7:00am – 9:00am. Stars at night 1&2
  • Food and Drug Administration pooled analysis of outcomes of older women with hormone-receptor positive metastatic breast cancer treated with a CDK4/6 inhibitor as initial endocrine based therapy 10:45-11:45am. Hall 3
  • Debate: All women diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer should undergo next generation sequencing?1-2pm. Hemisfair 2&3
  • Mechanisms of Early Dissemination, Dormancy and Metastasis 1-2pm. Stars at night 3&4
  • The benefit of abemaciclib in prognostic subgroups: An exploratory analysis of combined data from the MONARCH 2 and 3 studies 3:30pm-3:45pm. Hall 3.
  • GS6-05. Gain-of-function kinase library screen identifies FGFR1 amplification as a mechanism of resistance to antiestrogens and CDK4/6 inhibitors in ER+ breast cancer 4:15pm-4:30pm. Hall 3.
  • GS6-07. EMBRACA: A phase 3 trial comparing talazoparib, an oral PARP inhibitor, to physician’s choice of therapy in patients with advanced breast cancer and a germline BRCA mutation 4:45pm-5:00pm. Hall 3.

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