“I’m not asking us to all lay down in protest, I am simply asking that we no longer just laydown in defeat.

I ask that we no longer lose 108 every day. 

I’m asking us to METUP.”

Jennie Grimes

Co-Founder, METUP.org

Nothing is sexy about breast cancer! 

Enough ‘Save the Tatas’ campaigns. METUP wants organizations that sexualize or exploit our disease to STOP focusing on our breasts and START focusing on our lives. We will not tolerate this practice, nor associate with them and we will expose them here. There is nothing pink or fun about our experience.

Who Needs Pink?

In the last 40 years the Metastatic Breast Cancer death toll has not changed significantly. Nor has the mean survival rate of 3 years. We have spent almost half a century trying to fund research for a cure, and what we got instead was pink ribbon campaigns. Our pink ribbon has been singed gray by the memory of those we have lost. It is our turn now. #PinkIsNotACure