The following comes from Beth Caldwell’s blog post, Komen is not coming to save us. Read the blog post for more information and for Komen’s response.

race-for-no-cureThis week, Kelly Shanahan and I had a conversation with Powell Brown, a member of the scientific advisory board for Komen. We explained to him that the metastatic community is largely dissatisfied with the small percentage of funding that Komen spends on research, since research is the only thing that will save our lives. I told him that they need to change their split between the national and the locals so that more money is available for research. His response was that he doesn’t believe Komen will change that ratio, and that Komen would not begin funding more research until the metastatic community gets behind Komen. He said that if we want Komen to spend more on research, we should participate in their fundraising efforts. He said that more fundraising would mean more money available for research. I told him there was no way that our community could get behind an organization that chooses to spend its money on things other than saving our lives, especially given that there are other organizations that spend a much larger proportion of their funding on research, including BCRF, which now outstrips Komen in dollars spent annually on research. His response was that if that’s how we feel, we should just support BCRF instead. And he walked away.

This is what a national leader for Komen feels about the metastatic patient. We are disposable because we don’t fundraise for them. Do not let them fool you into believing they care about us. Our lives don’t matter to them. And that’s why Komen is irrelevant to us. We must and will save our own lives.

What can you do? 

  • Let Komen publicly know (on Facebook, Twitter, or through their website) that an attitude like Dr. Brown’s has no place in an organization that claims to be fighting for the lives of women.
  • And while you’re at it, let Dr. Brown’s employer, The MD Anderson Cancer Center, know that this kind of mentality cannot proliferate at a prestigious cancer center. You can let them know on Facebook, Twitter, or through their website.