METUP is an activist group for people committed to improving the lives of women and men living with metastatic breast cancer. We will vigorously campaign to bring about change. Change the status quo. Despite what the public may think, pink campaigns don’t work. Early detection does not save lives. Karuna Jagger wrote in a 2014 article for Breast Cancer Action:

“For 30 years the mainstream breast cancer movement has told us that early detection is the solution to the breast cancer crisis. No screening tool can prevent breast cancer. Mammography finds more breast cancers than require treating. Without saving lives. The evidence is in. We will never address and end the breast cancer epidemic through mammography screening. The problem is not simply the tool, but the basic premise.”

The same is true today, and what’s more, the death rate has not improved in decades. We are not just angry about it – we are outraged. We are committed to channeling our anger into action. We are likely to plan in-your-face events involving much smaller numbers but more civil disobedience. That means non-violent non-cooperation in the tradition of Gandhi and MLK, and it means arrests.

Here is what we do. Will you join us? 

“In the last 40 years, the Metastatic Breast Cancer death toll has not changed significantly. Nor has the mean survival rate of 3 years. We have spent almost half a century trying to fund research for a cure, and what we got instead was pink ribbon campaigns. Our pink ribbon has been singed gray by the memory of those we have lost. It is our turn now. I’m not asking us to all lay down in protest; I am simply asking that we no longer just lay down in defeat. I ask that we no longer lose 110 (US) every day. I am asking us to MET UP”. 

Jennie Grimes, Co-founder, METUP

*Note – the number of lives lost from metastatic breast cancer continues to rise.
In 2020, the estimated number of deaths has increased to 116 every day.