METUP was born out of the intention to affect change for the men and women living with Metastatic Breast Cancer by any means necessary. We believe strongly in the power of direct action, peaceful protests, and demonstrations. 

Our co-founder, Beth Caldwell, was a civil rights attorney before her MBC diagnosis. She wrote about a conversation she had with her son regarding the Ferguson protests in 2014. Today, Beth would be standing side by side with the people in her home town of Seattle to protest the injustices still rampant.

It’s in that deep-rooted principle that METUP has established the Peaceful Protest Protection Fund. This fund is to aid and provide relief to metastatic breast cancer patients whose participation in social and peaceful protests on behalf of the metastatic breast cancer community or those living with metastatic breast cancer who protest to bridge disparity gaps that affect MBC results in their subsequent arrest, fines or other loss of income (including legal fees) resulting from protesting. Awards up to $500.

To see if you qualify and apply for the Peaceful Protest Protection Fund, complete this form.

So that we may continue to assist the MBC change-makers in their efforts to drive real and meaningful change in the areas of metastatic breast cancer and disparities affecting those living with the disease donations to the Peaceful Protest Protection Fund accepted here

METUP is proud to support those that are able to affect change in any way they can.

** This fund is to be used for peaceful protests and subsequent legal implications that arise from them. METUP does not encourage, promote, or condone the use of violence that causes danger to the life or health of patients or the community. 

Peaceful Protest Protection Fund

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