Phyllis Groskin
The Phyllis Groskin SABCS19 Activist Grant

Phyllis Groskin, an early leader within METUP, recognized that the breast cancer advocacy world needed drastic changes. She was one of the brave people who stood alongside other men & women in silent protest at the worlds largest breast cancer conference in San Antonio. These yearly protests brought, and continue to bring both national and international attention to the lack of research being done expressly for those dying of breast cancer.

Phyllis was the author of a well-received paper which also gained national attention called Metastatic Patients and Clinical Trials. Her passion was to make sure future generations of men and women would have a better outcome after being diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer.

Phyllis’ death, in 2018, has been a significant loss to the MBC community. Although she is gone, Phyllis wanted her work to continue and her torch carried by the next generation of activists.

The Phyllis Groskin Activist Grants will go to like-minded activists committed to changing the landscape of breast cancer to attend the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium this December 10th – 14th.

Eligibility requirements and application are HERE.

Applications are open until August 31, 2019.

The Phyllis Groskin SABCS19 Activist Grant

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